Our Experience

health care

Centric Projects has the privilege of helping several medical and dental professionals build their practices and real estate portfolios with the construction of clinical facilities for pediatrics, out-patient surgery, dentistry and orthodontia.


Whether it’s a coffee shop to start the day, the newest lunch spot, a neighborhood pub to enjoy a pint after work, or a place to grab ice cream with the kids, Centric Projects enjoys the opportunity to collaborate on the places we break bread with friends, family and colleagues.


Without community, we are nothing. Centric Projects is honored to help our institutional clients, whether they might be a nonprofit, a higher education institution or a government agency, build a strong community in Kansas City.


Home is where the heart is. Centric Projects helps create the myriad of living options throughout our city, from single-family homes to multi-family complexes, and from upscale urban infill projects to subsidized units for lower income households.


Retail projects are all about driving sales. Centric Projects not only constructs retail projects, including in-line, big box and redevelopment projects, but also understands how to promote these efforts with our marketing outreach.

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