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Last week, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City opened their third house – dubbed the Wylie House – and can now serve 80 families a night.  How do they serve them?  By providing shelter, food, and comfort to moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and grandparents of critically ill children.  Most of these families are from out of town and their children are being treated at nearby hospitals (primarily Children’s Mercy Hospital, which has become a regional and national powerhouse for pediatric care.)  This home away from home is a lifesaver for these families, who are exhausted and scared – the last thing on their minds is where they will sleep or eat – and Ronald McDonald House Charities provides a little comfort during a traumatic time in their lives.

We were thrilled to be the construction manager for the Wylie House, and our entire team spent the last few weeks frantically putting the finishing touches on it so it could open to its first family last Thursday.  But many people don’t know the role Ronald McDonald House Charities has had in the inception and growth of Centric Projects.  Two of our partners – Richard and Courtney – essentially met while working together on the last House “the Longfellow House” at a previous construction company.  And they had to compete against Steve to get the project (and still tease him to this day that they beat him.)  We all like to say there would be no Centric Projects without Ronald McDonald House Charities – they not only brought us together, but have also taught us the value of community, compassion, and care in the hard-nosed world of construction

So we congratulate Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City and their staff and volunteer teams on their diligent work to raise $5 million to develop, design, and construct the Wylie House in order to shorten their waiting list and serve 20 more families every night.  And we think their campaign slogan “Hope Grows Here” is perfectly fitting not only for the House and the families it serves, but fitting to our growth as a company and community partner as well.  Be sure to take a look at their grand opening video.



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