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From the outset of Centric Projects, our mantra has been that technology should make life simpler, not more complicated.  And because as a startup we were not burdened with legacy systems, including racks of servers, miles of cable and fiber, complicated mobile logins, and clunky hardware, we were able to build on that mantra from the very beginning.  No desktops.  No servers.  No wires.

Early on, at an informal lunch with our friend Kirk Gastinger, we heard about Dropbox…and a love affair was born.  Today, we store all company data on secure and redundant Dropbox servers, which seamlessly sync with each of our 101 mobile devices.  And we’ve become a valuable partner to them as well, providing beta testing feedback, case study analysis and sales presentation support.  In fact, last month, Dropbox and their brilliant advertising firm Division of Labor visited Kansas City…here’s what they saw:

We are honored to be among companies such as BCBGMAXAZARIAGROUP, Dictionary.com, ThreadSuite and MindSnacks that have developed a lasting partnership with Dropbox and now, Dropbox for Business.

Guy Kawasaki, the noted tech entrepreneur and author, has written widely about “evangelism marketing.”  Not a day goes by when Centric Projects is not an evangelist for Dropbox, Apple, Google, Avid Communications and other companies and services that make our lives simpler, not more complicated.  Because the simpler our technology, the quicker we deliver more value to our client.

No desktops.  No servers.  No wires.  Thanks, Dropbox.


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